Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert provides members of the FAU community a forum to ask specific wellness questions and receive personalized responses. Additionally, Ask the Expert provides a searchable database of thousands of health and well-being related questions from several years of previous inquiries.

The Ask a Question section will walk you through how to post a question to the website and if you chose to provide your email address you will recieve an email confirmation when your question has been received, as well as the response to your question sent directly to you. Your email address is completely confidendial and unviewable to peer educators. If you chose to not provide your email address you will have to check back on the website to see the answer to your question.

The Recent Questions section will show you the 50 most recently asked questions in addition to the date that they were answered.

The Search Questions section will allow you to select up to 2 keywords to search for in our database of over 1,000 previous inquiries and responses.

The Topics section allows you to browse through our database by viewing all questions and answers in each category: Alcohol & Drugs, Fitness, General Health, Nutrition & Eating Disorders, Relationships, Sexual Health, Stress, or Tobacco. This may further assist you in finding the information that you are looking for.


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