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"Wig worm"
ADHD Testing at FAU??
Belly button bleeding
Belly button looks like its bleeding
Bellybutton is bleeding
Bleeding from belly button
Blood blister on lip
Blood from belly button
Blood in stool
Blood in stool
Blood in urine
Blood in urine shortly after ejaculation
Bump inside the finger
Bump on inside of lip
Bump on upper part of stomach
Bumps in Mouth
Bumps on Breasts
Bumps on lips
Can a dog transmit ringworm to a person?
Can herpes come in the form of bumps and then bleed?
Can you get rid of a virus?
Can you work in the medical field if you have Hepatitis C?
Canker sore after tongue piercing
Cause of hernia
Cause of swollen and red tongue
Causes of obsessive compulsive disorder
Concerned about getting navel pierced
Cortisone Shots and HIV
Dermatological term for "wigworm"
Difficult to breathe through nose while sleeping
Does navel piercing affect pregnancy?
Earring Gauges
Feel nauseous and head hurts after sex
Feel pressure in my head and ears and experiencing chest pain
Fell down stairs and now arm, back and neck hurt
Fissured Tongue
Foreskins Swelling After Sex
Head pain
How can a person feel more independent and confident in what they do?
How can you make keratosis pilaris go away?
How contagious is a MRSA infection?
How to get rid of shaving bumps
Impact of communicable diseases on FAU students
Interested in getting a monroe piercing
Itchy and small bumps on hands
Itchy Bumps on Breasts
Itchy, sore bump on the back of the right side of the head
Large bumps under breasts filled with blood
Lip Swelling
Lump in Belly Button
Lump under skin on shaft of penis
Lumps on inner thigh
Morning After Pill & Periods
Patch of clear bumps on buttocks
Periodic diarrhea and other intestinal problems
Pimple around genitals?
Pimple-like sores on back of thighs
Pink bump has formed around lip piercing
Pink/whitish patch on face that itches periodically
Possibly have a cold?
Prescription Medication
Purple bump on buttocks
purple spots around ankle
Question about cysts
Questions about ringworm
Raised spot on thigh
Rash near testicles
Recent tongue piercing and concerned about slit in mouth
Red Bumps in Mouth
Red rash that does not itch
Red Sores Near Anus
Red spot near rectum that bleeds and smells
Reddish spot on tongue and recent tongue piercing
Remove pearly penile papules
Risk of contracting HIV through blood transfusion
Risks associated with navel piercing
Small bump inside anus
Small slits in foreskin
Small white/clear "pimple" on eye
Sore near buttocks
Sore on inside of lip
Sores on tongue
Stye Management
Twitching in neck
Varicose Veins
What are bed bugs?
What are slits in teh tongue caused by?
What are the symptoms of a hernia?
What can cause the belly button to bleed?
What is HCG and is it Safe?
When can someone determine if they have HIV?
When do I rinse out ear wax drops?
Where does "wigworm" come from?
White blisters on buttocks
White bumps on tongue
Woman having problems with urinating


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