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"Rips" on genitals and anal itching
A Penile Concern
Able to become pregnant after having chlamydia?
Able to maintain erection during masturbation but not during sex
Accidentally created a small cut in clitoris from fingernails
Accidentally cut girlfriend while fingering her
Adjustable cock rings as good as metal ones?
Alcohol's effect on pregnancy
Am i still a virgin?
Am I supposed to feel something when my husband ejaculates?
Another explanation for open sores besides herpes?
Anxious about getting a pap smear
Appearance of wife's labia has changed
Been treated for all STDs but still have vaginal discomfort
Besides pregnancy, what can cause period to stop?
Best way for a female to reach orgasm
Best way for a female to reach orgasm?
Birth Control
Birth control question
Black bump on head of penis
Black Bumps on Labia
Black dots near vagina
Black head and white head near vagina
Black sore on shaft of penis
Black spot in vagina is bleeding. Is this an STD?
Black spot on clitoris
Black spot on clitoris
Black Spots on Penis
Bleeding after first intercourse
Bleeding After Sex
Bleeding after sex for the first few times
Bleeding and cut in foreskin
Bleeding between periods
Bleeding during Periods
Bleeding During Sex
Bleeding during sex
Bleeding from penis
Bleeding from Penis
Bleeding from Penis
Bleeding from penis and pain
Bleeding from penis and painful urination
Bleeding from penis during intercourse
Bleeding from penis during orgasm
Bleeding from the penis
Bleeding from vagina after sexual activity
Blister on Genitals
Blister on outer part of vagina
Blister-like sore on foreskin and girlfriend has sore near vagina
Blisters on Vagina
Blood clot during urination
Blood coming from penis
Blood coming from penis
Blood discharge from penis
Blood from Penis
Blood in semen
Blood inside condom after sex
Bloody urine after losing virginity
Boyfriend experienced burning sensation during sex
Boyfriend having trouble urinating
Boyfriend rarely orgasms
Breasts are smaller than friends' breasts
Broken blood vessel in penis after biting it?
Brown discharge after sex
Brown fluid after sex
Brown vaginal discharge and lower back pain
Bump above the urethral opening
Bump appeared around stomach piercing after contact with ejaculate
Bump found in around pubic hair
Bump in bikini area around time of menstruation
Bump near opening of vagina
Bump near vagina
Bump near vaginal lips
Bump near vaginal opening
Bump on inside of vagina
Bump on penis after sex
Bump on penis shaft
Bump on scrotum
Bump on shaft of penis
Bump on skin after shaving
Bump on vagina
Bump on vagina and blister bump on thigh
Bump on vaginal lip
Bump underneath tip of penis
Bumps after shaving
Bumps and itching on labia after applying deodorant to area
Bumps and Redness on Testicles
Bumps and swollen itchy clitoris
Bumps appear on vagina after foreplay
Bumps appeared on penis shortly after having sex
Bumps around vagina after shaving
Bumps around vaginal area
Bumps inside vagina
Bumps inside vagina and discharge
Bumps Near Vagina
Bumps on inner vaginal lips and vaginal itching
Bumps on labia
Bumps on penis
Bumps on penis after anal sex
Bumps on penis shaft
Bumps on Perineum
Bumps on scrotum and around the penis
Bumps on the scrotum
Bumps on Vagina
Bumps on vagina and not sexually active
Bumps on vaginal lips
Bumps on vaginal lips and itching
Bumps, dryness, odor and soreness around penis head
Burning and itching after intercourse
Burning around vulva
Burning during intercourse
Burning during urination
Burning during Urination & Ejaculation
Burning in vagina after being fingered
Burning right before and during period
Burning sensation around vagina
Burning sensation in clitoris
Burning sensation when urinating and sore throat - possibly infected with STI?
Burning sensations after sex
Burning Urination
Burning Urination after Sex
Burning Vagina
Burning, itching vagina
Burns during urination
Can a gynecologist tell when someone has had sex?
Can a loose vagina be a sign of cheating?
can a yeast infection cause a false-negative pregnancy result?
Can a yeast infection cause cuts to form around vagina?
Can anal sex cause the penis to bleed?
Can antibiotics cause red itchy bumps to develop around vagina?
Can arthritis result from stimulating the penis?
Can fingering transmit genital herpes?
Can having a lot of sex cause the vaginal lips to get bigger?
Can immune system rid body of genital warts?
Can masturbation lead to a fungal infection>
Can sex throw off a woman's cycle?
Can the vagina be hurt by a large penis?
Can tubal ligation impact the vaginal muscles?
Can you get bacterial vaginosis from fingering?
Can you get pregnant without penetration?
Can you tell if a woman has had sex?
Cause of bleeding after fingering
Cause of blisters on penis?
Cause of periodic bleeding from penis?
Cause of red bumps on penis
Cause of vaginal itching
Causes of bleeding during sex
Causes of dry bumpy skin on penis
Chafing on Penis during Sex
Chlamydia & Yeast Infections
Chlamydia from uncircumcised penis?
Clitoris hurts and itches
Clitoris itches after oral sex
Clitoris too big?
Clumps in period
Colored spot on penis
Communicating with a partner who ejaculates too quickly
Concerned about anal warts
Concerned about transmitting Hepatitis C
condom allergy
Condom Broke, Now Bleeding
Condom felt tight at base and bruise appeared on penis shaft
Contracting Herpes
Could bumps inside the vagina be a symptom of an STD?
Cracks in the foreskin
Curious about penis size
Curve in penis normal?
Curved Penis
Cut below vagina
Cut in foreskin
Cut in foreskin
Cut inside vagina
Cut Near Anus
Cut near vaginal lips after fingering activity
Cut on inside of foreskin
Cut part of vagina when trimming pubic hair
Cuts on foreskin makes it painful to pull skin back
Cuts on vagina
Cuts on vagina, itching and pain
Dark bump near vagina
Dark itchy bumps near vagina
Daughter has pimple around vagina
Did the infection come back?
Difficulty having orgasm with partner
Difficulty with Vaginal Penetration
Discharge & Bumps from Vagina
Discharge from penis after not masturbating for a while
Discharge from vagina
Discharge is discolored and has an odor
Do I have genital warts?
Do you still produce eggs even when you don't have a period?
Does a pap smear test for STDs?
Does Ejaculating Cause Acne
Does foreskin "break" after first sexual intercourse?
Does normal pap test indicate that HPV infection is gone?
Does period come 28 days after previous period started or ended?
Does the clinic on FAU's campus offer Gardasil?
Does the penis penetrate when someone has sex for the first time?
Dry patches on penis
Dry red spot underneath shaft of penis
Dry Skin on Penis
Dry, flaky skin after masturbation
Dry, itchy vagina after sex
Ejaculation without Orgasm
Experience discharge after sex and bump on vaginal lip
Experiencing a white discharge
Experiencing brown discharge during pregnancy
Experiencing discharge a few days after first intercourse
Experiencing female ejaculation during sex?
Experiencing light vaginal bleeding every day
Experiencing sore and itchy bumps around genitals
Experiencing white discharge throughout the day
Female experiencing light bleeding 1 week after masturbation
Female wanting to have an orgasm during sex
Female with sore bump near urethra
Fibroid-looking bumps around vagina
Fingering and nipple stimulation safe?
First intercourse painful
Flat spots on penis
Flavored Condoms
Flesh colored bump near genitals
Flesh colored bumps under skin of penis
Flesh-colored, pimple-like bumps near vagina
Foreskin feels tight
Foreskin hurts when it's pulled back
Foreskin is tight
Free HIV testing on Wednesdays
Frequent yeast infections
Friction on Penis
Genital area sore and lumps, pimples, and rash on thigh and scrotum
Genital Contact with Chemicals
Genital Herpes
Genital warts not improving with treatment
Genitals hurt
Girlfriend gets nauseous after being fingered
Girlfriend's vagina smells like ejaculate
Hard bump under skin on labia
Hard white bump on lip of vagina
Hard white bump on vaginal lip
Have noticed discharge from penis in shorts
Head of penis dark red after ejaculation
Head of penis sore
Headache and bumps on throat after giving oral sex
Herpes on finger
Herpes question
Herpes Test Confusion
Herpes Transmission
HIV tranmission during oral sex?
How can I make myself experience an orgasm?
How do I ask my wife to have sex?
How does someone french kiss?
How does someone know if they've had an orgasm?
How is trichomoniasis transmitted?
How long does it take for your vagina to close up?
How long does it take the vagina to return to its original size?
How long does it take to get pregnant?
How long should you be on the pill before it is safe to have unprotected sex?
How long should you wait to have sex after being treated for Trichomonas?
How many times can someone have an orgasm?
How often should I masturbate?
How often should women have vaginal secretions?
How soon after sex can someone get tested for STDs?
How soon to get tested after possible contact with STD?
How to masturbate without roommate knowing?
How to treat cut at bottom of vagina?
Hurts and burns during sex
Husband bleeds after having sex
Husband developed itching and bumps on penis after intercourse
I have oral herpes - can I transmit it to my own genitals?
Infection from cut caused by fingering?
Infection from scab on boyfriend's penis?
Irregular periods
Irritated uncircumcised penis
Irritating discharge right before period
Irritation After Masturbation
Irritation around vagina after intercourse
Is fingering with dirty fingers risky?
Is is safe for a penis to bleed inside a vagina?
Is it okay to have sex when a woman is on her period?
Is it possible to experience symptoms of an STD 6 years after last sexual encounter?
Is masturbating several times a day unhealthy?
Is peeing in the vagina harmful to one's health?
Is pregnancy possible if no ejaculation occurs?
Is pregnancy possible if you come into contact with semen without having sex?
Is there a disadvantage to a daily discharge?
Is there a proven method for enlarging the penis?
Is there anything wrong with releasing urine when masturbating?
Is vaginal bleeding affecting partner?
Itching and skin tearing near head of circumcised penis
Itching on and around scrotum
Itching Vagina
Itchy and bumpy foreskin
Itchy bumps near vagina
Itchy penis after sex
Itchy red bump near clitoris that bleeds
Itchy vagina and tiny lump
Itchy vagina and tiny red dots
Itchy vagina post menopause
Itchy, blackhheaded bump near genitals
Itchy, irritated skin around vagina
Labia burned after sex - possibe allergy to latex?
Lack of feeling in vagina
Large bump in genital area
Late Period
Lesions around anus
Lip of vagina swollen
Little spots on right inner thigh
Little white bumps on penis
Little, sore bumps on vaginal walls
Lump inside vagina
Lump on lip of vagina
Lump on penis near urethral opening
Lumps inside Vagina
Lumps on labia - possibly herpes?
Male yeast infection
Man who urinates frequently
Masturbated multiple times in one day and now penis is sore
Medical treatment for a vagina that is loose?
Methods for making vagina feel tighter
Mole-like bumps around head of penis
Nauseous after sex
Never had sexual contact so what is causing swollen vaginal lip?
No period after 5 years of having regular periods
No period for 3 months and now experiencing heavy bleeding
No pleasure during sex
Not as excited when it comes to sex
Noticed small amount of blood after masturbation
Okay for penis to be chewed?
On period and stomach looks big - is it possible that I'm pregnant?
One side of the vagina is longer than the other
Only have engaged in oral sex but experiencing red bumps near vagina
Orgasms causing boyfriend's penis to become sore
Ovulating and experiencing some type of discharge
Pain and discharge
Pain around Anus
Pain during Intercourse
Pain during intercourse and bleeding afterwards
Pain in groin area
Pain in testicle
Pain in Testicles
Pain in vagina
Pain inside vagina
Pain on head of penis after ejaculation
Painful bump near vagina
Painful bumps/sores in vaginal opening
Painful cyst on outside of vagina
Painful rash on genitals after sex
Painful sore in vagina
Painful Urination
Painful Urination and Pimples around Vagina
Painless small bumps and blisters near tip of penis
Part of vagina is swollen
Partner and I have never had sex - chances of getting an STD through oral sex?
Partner seems disinterested in sex and ejaculates quickly
Penetration and Pregnancy
Penile Bumps
Penis bled after having sex in awkward position
Penis burns after ejaculation
Penis Burns during Sex
Penis burns when urinating
Penis Color & Texture
Penis irritated from sex
Penis itches after sex
Penis Size
Penis Size & First-time Trepidation
Penis sore and swollen after masturbation
Period ended 10 days ago and experiencing bleeding and discharge
Period is brown in color
Periods and bumps
Persistent vaginal burning and soreness
Persistent white bump on penis
Pimple on penis?
Pimple-like bumps around vagina and itching
Pimple-like bumps on labia and around clitoris
Pimple-like bumps on penis
Pimples and burning in vagina
Pimples and itching around vagina
Pimples inside vagina?
Pimples on Penis
Pimples on Penis
Pink tinge to urine and itchy labia
Possible for girlfriend to get pregnant after period?
Possible for girlfriend to get pregnant from intercourse without a condom?
Possible male yeast infection?
Possible Miscarriage
Possible Outbreak
Possible pregnancy?
Possible semen allergy?
Possible to delay period?
Possible to get pregnant from fingering?
Possible to get pregnant from semen on hand?
Possible to get pregnant if the pull-out method was used?
Possible to get pregnant when no ejaculation occurs?
Possible to get pregnant with irregular periods?
Possible to get pregnant without intercourse?
Possible to have eczema on vaginal lips?
Possible to mistake trichomoniasis for herpes?
Possible to transmit oral herpes during sex?
Possible UTI?
Possible vaginal problems after tubal ligation?
Possible yeast infection?
Possibly pregnant?
Pregnancy Concern
Pregnant and clitoris is swollen
Pregnant and experiencing vaginal itching and bumps
Pregnant and have vaginal burning
Pregnant and large lump inside vagina
Pregnant and missing periods
Pregnant and treated for chlamydia
Pregnant and vagina is irritated
Pregnant even when ejaculation does not occur?
Pregnant from Fingering
Previously tested negative for STDs but now have bump on vagina
Products to use for burning feeling in vagina
Proper Penetration
Prostate Gland
Protection for Cunnilingus
Purple blood blister near vaginal lip
Pus-filled bumps on end of penis
Question about fingering
Question about vaginal rejuvenation
Raised bump on perineum.
Raised red bump on labia
Rash on back and bumps on vagina
Rash on Penis
Reappearing bumps near vagina
Recently had sex and now experiencing red spots near head of penis
Recently had unprotected sex and now have pus-filled bumps near penis shaft
Recently lost virginity and noticed bump inside vagina
Recurring red rash on penis
Red and sore penis sign of cheating?
Red bump near vagina
Red bumps and irritation around vagina
Red bumps near genitals
Red Bumps on Penis
red bumps on shaft and testicle
Red cut inside vagina, red throat and tingling throughout body
Red dots on tip of penis
Red marks on clitoris and soreness
Red patches appear on penis after masturbation
Red patches on penis
Red pimple-like bumps on penis
Red Pimples on Penis
Red rash on penis head
Red sore on penis
Red spot on penis
Red spot on penis caused by masturbation?
Red spots on vagina
Red, itchy clitoris
Reddish bump on foreskin after oral sex
Redness After Anal Sex
Redness after intercourse that looked like a blister
Redness and burning on skin resulting from semen
Redness, itching and bump around vagina
Redness/Bumps near Anus
Relationship between blood in urine and missed period?
Release of semen during sleep
Resources & support on and off campus for sexual violence
Safe cream to use on rash from masturbation
Scared of getting tested for HIV
Scattered bumps near vagina
Sex without a condom?
Sexual activities involving the anus and sex toys - Harmful?
Sexual arousal normal?
Sexually active and experiencing bleeding after fingering
Sexually excited at the slightest touch
Should a virgin get tested for STDs?
Skin around anus is swollen and red
Skin around vagina sore and red after sex
Skin on penis flakes off during masturbation
Skin Tags
Small amount of blood coming from tip of penis
Small blister on penis
Small blisters on penis
Small brown spots on foreskin
Small bumps near vaginal opening
Small Bumps on Penis
Small cut around vagina
Small itchy bumps around vagina
Small lump on vaginal lip
Small lumps near vagina
Small pimple-like bumps between head and shaft of penis
Small pink bumps around head of penis
Small red bump near vagina
Small red bumps on foreskin
Small red bumps on shaft and pimples that itch when touched
Small red bumps on vaginal lips
Small white bumps on outside of vagina
Small, painless bump located at tip of penis
Smelly patches on penis
Soft bump on vaginal lip
Sore between anus and vagina
Sore near testicle that won't heal
Sore, itchy bumps in between vagina and anus
Sores around vagina and not sexually active
Sores on Clitoris
Spots near vaginal opening
Spotting after sex
STI & HIV Testing
Stimulating the female G-spot
Strange discharge and irritation after using female suppository
Strange discharge from vagina, pain with urination and lesions around vagina
Strange vaginal discharge and not currently sexually active
Strep on the genitals
Swollen bumps on the shaft of the penis
Swollen clitoris
Swollen clitoris
Swollen penis after doing penis enlargement exercises
swollen vagina and bleeding after sex
Swollen vagina, abdominal cramps and nauseous
Tear on underside of penis
Tears on vaginal folds
Tested negative for STDs yet have dark spots on inner labia
Tightening Vagina
Times during menstrual cycle when a woman won't get pregnant?
Tingling feeling in vagina
Tiny blisters on back side
Tiny bumps on vaginal lips that come and go
Tiny white spots in the opening of the vagina
Torn frenulum
Transmit herpes through fingering?
Transmitting Herpes
Treated for chlamydia - now experiencing more vaginal irritation
Trouble Getting Pregnant
Trying to get pregnant
Two white bumps near vagina
Uncircumcised penis bleeds after oral sex
Unprotected sex when both partners have HPV?
Urethra burns after urination
Urethra burns right after sex
Vagina burns after ejaculation
Vagina feels strange and it burns when urinating
Vagina is irritated after unprotected sex
Vagina is irritated and extra "skin" on vulva
Vagina is itchy and dry
Vagina is raw and tender - possible yeast infection?
Vagina itches after sex
Vagina itches during period
Vagina itchy after fingering activity
Vagina swollen after sex
Vaginal "friction burn"
Vaginal bleeding after masturbation
Vaginal burning, irritation and bump
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal irritation and no STD
Vaginal itch
Vaginal itching and bumps
Vaginal lesions appeared after oral sex - possible herpes outbreak?
Vaginal pain a symptom of an STD?
Virgin experiencing bleeding after fingering
Virgin with itchy vagina
Virgin with itchy vagina
Virgin with red and itchy vagina
Vulva burns and itches after sex
Water filled bubble in labia
What are Crabs?
What are the symptoms of chlamydia?
What causes a blood vessel to break in penis?
What could white bumps on the top part of the penis be?
What does a normal vagina look like?
What else could genital irritation be caused by besides STD?
What is chlamydia's affect on pregnancy?
What is the discharge like for Chlamydia?
When does the penis stop growing?
Where did Trichomoniasis infection come from?
Where on campus can you get prescription for birth control?
White bump on the vagina
White bump on vagina and discomfort when urinating
White bumps and dry skin on penis
White bumps and scaly skin near panty line
White bumps and swollen vagina after oral sex
White bumps around vagina
White bumps at opening of vagina
White Bumps on Lip
White bumps on shaft of penis
White cyst and cuts on penis
White discharge from vagina
White material accumulating around vagina
White mucus during urination
White spots on penis
White vaginal bumps
White, thick discharge with no odor
Whiteheads around vagina
Why Does my Penis Leak?
Why is my sex drive so high?
Yeast Infections


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