Ask the Expert: Recent Questions

01/22/2015Possible pregnancy?
01/15/2015Strep on the genitals
09/04/2014Resources & support on and off campus for sexual violence
09/02/2014Raised red bump on labia
06/16/2014Vaginal Discharge
06/09/2014Herpes on finger
04/16/2014Campus Recreation
03/14/2014Herpes Transmission
03/14/2014Birth control question
09/30/2013Prescription Medication
07/30/2013Online Alcohol Education
06/28/2013Pain and discharge
02/19/2013Genital Herpes
02/19/2013Flavored Condoms
02/05/2013Late Period
11/13/2012Penile Bumps
10/26/2012Burning Urination
09/21/2012Bumps on Perineum
09/19/2012Depression affecting relationship
09/18/2012Moving on...
09/18/2012Morning After Pill & Periods
09/18/2012HIV tranmission during oral sex?
09/18/2012condom allergy
06/20/2012Difficult to breathe through nose while sleeping
06/20/2012Penis Size & First-time Trepidation
03/08/2012Nutrition Counseling Services at FAU
02/24/2012Black Spots on Penis
01/23/2012Black spot on clitoris
01/12/2012Weight Loss Supplements / Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails
01/04/2012A Penile Concern
12/02/2011Periods and bumps
11/29/2011Noggin Nodding....not enough energy?
11/29/2011Cell Press Pills / Weight Loss Supplements
09/20/2011Fissured Tongue
09/20/2011Black Bumps on Labia
08/12/2011Pain during Intercourse
04/04/2011Genital Contact with Chemicals
03/30/2011Sorting through hurt and confusion
03/16/2011Raised bump on perineum.
03/02/2011Stye Management
02/23/2011Transmitting Herpes
02/23/2011Proper Penetration
11/05/2010STI & HIV Testing
11/05/2010Contracting Herpes
11/05/2010Herpes Test Confusion
11/05/2010Birth Control
11/05/2010Food Synergy
11/05/2010Bump above the urethral opening
11/05/2010Mental Health Resources


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